I confess…

I confess…

The quilt’s not finished, and I got distracted.  Oops.  Will you forgive me if I show you what distracted me?



The quilt is still on my radar.  I just didn’t want to leave y’all hanging indefinitely…



I’m determined to finish this quilt this week.  Or at least to work steadily on it.  I started adding borders today, and I decided to go with light calico scraps.  You know, keeping with the “scrappy” theme.


During my breaks, one might find me reading this or this.  Give in to the hype?  Why, never.  Not me. 😉

Living Room Week: XBox 360 Cozy from Linen Pants

Living Room Week: XBox 360 Cozy from Linen Pants

Okay, so this sounds frou-frou, but it’s not!  I promised Evan that I wouldn’t put lace or ruffles or flowers on his beloved XBox.  Just a plain and simple dust jacket, if you will.


There you have it.  So simple that you hardly even see it.  (It’s on the left, in case you’re wondering.) 😉

I refashioned this slipcover from linen pants that my friend Heather gave me when she found out I liked to do this cut-up-old-stuff-and-breathe-new-life-into-it deal.  Thanks, Heather!  Love you, girl.


I kept it simple because… I know Evan will never take the time to tie pretty little ribbons in the back.  If you were a boy, would you?  So it just sits over the front, top, and sides.  Nice and neat. 😀

Planning to make something like these tonight…

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m still here… working on a thing or two… or four.


I might be back this afternoon with a finished something-or-other to share…

In praise of denim bibs

In praise of denim bibs

Okay, so I’m in love with bibs made of denim now.  It started with Linda Permann’s tutorial on using your old jeans.  I used her idea with a pair of maternity jeans (that I cursed the entire time I was pregnant, mind you), and I made 6 bibs for my babies.  I backed them in quilter’s cotton instead of denim, which allowed me to make more.


By tracing bibs you already have, you can make a ton of bibs without ever printing a pattern.  And by using denim, you don’t need interfacing or fancy showercurtain material.   They’re easy to clean and don’t easily stain.  And who doesn’t have spare jeans hanging around?


I love the bibs I made my babies so much that I was inspired to make something similar for Cheryl’s baby, Daisy.  And I photographed the process so I could share!

To make these simple-but-special bibs, you need a bib to use as a template, denim, ribbon, quilter’s cotton, pins, a sewing machine, and coordinating thread.

1) First fold the denim in half lengthwise and cut around one side of a bib.  Or trace the bib onto the wrong side of the denim.  Whatever you feel comfortable doing.  I did this 3 times so I could make 3 bibs.  Easy peasy.

2) Then pin ribbon to the denim.  I measured 2 inches from the bottom and made certain the ribbon was straight.  Put it wherever you like.  Use as many pieces of ribbon as you like.  Go crazy!


3) Zigzag along sides of ribbon with sewing machine.   Add decorative stitches if you want.  I followed along the edge of the ribbon and used different stitches on each bib.  This only takes a few minutes but makes the bib look fancy & unique!


4) Pin denim to cotton, right sides facing.


5) Now sew around the edge, leaving about a 3″ opening at the bottom of the bib.  My seam allowance was 1/2″ around the outside and 1/4″ around the neckline.


6) Trim edges to 1/4″.


7) Gently turn bib right side out, using closed scissors to carefully push out the narrow curves.

8) Press bib, and stitch along edges about 1/4″.



9) Choose a closure.  I sewed snaps on my children’s bibs, but I decided to sew buttonholes and buttons on Baby Daisy’s (not pictured).  Velcro is also a great option, although kind of easy to yank off if you’re an angry baby.  [EDIT: Please note that buttons can be dangerous (choking hazard), and it can also be dangerous for the bib not to tear-away easily.  My goal is for my children not to constantly pull off their bibs, although I don’t want for anyone to get hurt either.  A bib with a button or a tie is only appropriate if baby is being monitored.  Be smart, Friends. :)]

Now you’re done.  Happy sewing!