Makin’ it work!

Makin’ it work!


Here are Erin’s instructions for her dress.  She does not want a bow in front. 😉

She sent me a couple yards of textured green fabric, a black tulle skirt, some black satin, and a lighter green ribbon.


So far, I’ve made the bodice, trimmed it with a tulle ruffle, lined it, and put in boning.  The boning is not particularly comfortable.  I rounded the ends, but I guess I didn’t round them enough.  And they are stuck in there (They’re melted slightly to the fabric.  Oops.).  Any suggestions? 😀

A pressing deadline, a PGM dress form, a challenge with a limited budget (I assume) and limited materials… Do you see the PR connection?

P.S. I think I love my dress form.  I’ll have to build up the waist and hips for her to match my measurements.  But still.

It is so liberating to have the right tools.

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