Living Room Week: XBox 360 Cozy from Linen Pants

Living Room Week: XBox 360 Cozy from Linen Pants

Okay, so this sounds frou-frou, but it’s not!  I promised Evan that I wouldn’t put lace or ruffles or flowers on his beloved XBox.  Just a plain and simple dust jacket, if you will.


There you have it.  So simple that you hardly even see it.  (It’s on the left, in case you’re wondering.) 😉

I refashioned this slipcover from linen pants that my friend Heather gave me when she found out I liked to do this cut-up-old-stuff-and-breathe-new-life-into-it deal.  Thanks, Heather!  Love you, girl.


I kept it simple because… I know Evan will never take the time to tie pretty little ribbons in the back.  If you were a boy, would you?  So it just sits over the front, top, and sides.  Nice and neat. 😀

Planning to make something like these tonight…

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