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Sewing Nook

Sewing Nook


This little space under the stairs has a teensy bit of my sewing paraphernalia in it, so I’m just gonna call it the sewing nook.  As you can see, there’s no table on which to sew and very little storage for several boxes of fabric.  And I have quite a good deal of the woven stuff.

The doorway with fabric is a boarded up door that apparently used to be the backdoor of the house.  It was closed off sometime after the back porch was turned into a kitchen and another room and bathroom was added to the back of the house (circa 1950).  I can hardly imagine how tiny the house must have felt in its original state.  Of course, it used to be a summer beach cottage.  Neat, huh?

The dressform seems to scare my guests a bit, like there’s a person freakishly lurking in the corner.  But I’m hoping to put her to good use once I get more settled here.  It’s gonna happen.