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Easter Bunny Door Hanger

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I was inspired by Rock-A-Bye Parents' DIY Easter Bunny Wall Hanging and decided to make my own. Earlier this week, my daughter and I went shopping at the Dollar Tree to pick up a few straw hats. My daughter fell in love with the lavender hat I bought, and she's been wearing it around the house and when we go on errands. Everyone says, "She looks ready for Easter!"  I also bought pink, green, and blue hats. For this bunny hanger, I decided to use the pink hat for the face and half of the blue hat as the bunny's hat. I still plan to use the green hat to make another bunny door hanger since this craft project was fun and easy.

from the Dollar Tree

I decided to use the pink hat for the bunny's face, and the blue hat would be the bunny's hat, so I cut it in half.

I used white felt and black buttons for the eyes, white felt for the teeth, and a pink button for the nose.

I attempted to use a Sharpie to draw the mouth, but that didn't work so well. Hence, I cut up some black scrap fabric to make the mouth.

I thought it would be cool to use twigs from a grapevine wreath for the bunny's whiskers.

2 white felt bunny ears

the inside of the ears (pink felt)

I attached the pink part of the ears to the white part of the ear.
I used scrap fabric to make a few rosettes for the hat.

I glued the rosettes to the hat.

I quickly stitched on the blue hat after I glued on the bunny ears.

I didn't like the pink flower that was on the pink hat, so I replaced it with a yellow rosette.
hanging on my front door

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  1. What a cute idea for Easter! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Totally Terrific Tuesday! It wouldn't be a party without you! :)

  2. This is so adorable! It's featured this week on Funtastic Friday. Please join us again this week.