What I Wore Wednesday: Blue

Posted by T'onna Peters | Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Categories: ,
I have a lot of navy blue items in my closet, not because I'm a Navy wife and I love everything navy. No... that's not it. A few years ago while living in the great Pacific Northwest, I discovered boots. I found a pair of navy boots that I am head of heels in love with. Therefore, I've bought several blue dresses and tops, so I can wear my favorite navy blue boots (because I have an obsession with matching). I have developed an anchor obsession since becoming a navy wife, so with this outfit and my other blue outfits, I wear one my three nautical anchor bracelets.

shirt (Target)
cardigan (JC Penney)
jeans (Target)
boots (Make Me Chic)
anchor bracelet (Ebay)

a closer look at my shirt. 

my nautical anchor bracelet in gold

pleated poppy

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