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High-Low Hem Toddler Tunic (Refashion)

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Recently, I've been refashioning the clothes that I just can't seem to let go, even though I haven't worn them in years... many years. Although I've made numerous trips to Goodwill and donated many large bags full of clothes, I still have so many clothes lingering around. Several years ago, I bought a black, purple, gray, and teal dress from Wet Seal. Wet Seal was one of my favorite stores when I was in my late teens and early 20s.  I think I may have worn the dress a few times with leggings, but eventually a whole developed near the collar. Thus, it became a house dress.  Since I still loved the fabric, I decided to refashion it into something for my daughter.  And what a process that was! Here are some pictures from my sewing adventure:
This is me wearing the dress in its original form.  I purchased the dress from Wet Seal at least 5 years ago.  I loved the lacy crochet piece on the neckline of the dress, so I carefully removed it, so that I could use it on the new tunic.

I didn't use a pattern to transform the dress into a high-low hem toddler tunic.  I used one of my daughter's 2T tunics as a guide for making the bodice of the new tunic.  I used my yellow tailor's chalk to trace around the tunic onto the wrong side of the fabric, and I traced around a little larger for the seam allowance.  I doubled up the fabric, and sewed the pieces together.  Then I flipped the pieces inside out.  

I decided to add buttons to the back of the tunic.  I found some purple buttons in my button stash, and I used my handy dandy button hole maker.  Another sewing blogger once told me that I should always sew around the button hole twice.  That is such great advice! I sewed the buttons on by hand.  

I zigzag stitched the parts of the bodice together.  Then I cut a rectangular piece for the bottom of the tunic, and I stitched a gathering stitch around the top.  I ironed the bodice piece, and then sewed the bodice and the bottom together. 

I cut the bottom to create the high-low hem, pinned it, and then sewed it.  I decided to add some ruffles to the front of the tunic, so I used some scrap fabric from the dress to create ruffles.  The last thing I did to this tunic was I hand sewed the lacy crochet piece onto the neck line.  It really pops!

Ta-da!  All Done!  I am extremely happy with this sewing project.  I think it turned out really well, especially since I did not use a pattern.  This tunic looks really cute on my daughter.  I was a little sad that I wasn't able to get the pattern of the fabric to line up perfectly in the back, but that's one of the drawbacks of upcycling; the amount of fabric I had to work with was really limited.

It's so much fun making something old new again! Thanks for reading!


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  3. Very cute and creative! Darling tunic :)

  4. This is so cute! I especially like the buttons up the back!

  5. Hi there! New follower! You are so creative! I am impressed! Great job!


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  7. What a cute dress~ Adult or toddler size.. I would have a hard time giving that one up to make something new. Thanks for linking up on Made in a Day! I ‘m glad you stopped by last week!

  8. Love it!!!! Visiting you from Sugar & Dots. :-) I love this transformation. I want to learn to sew so badly - once I finish my sewing table re-do, I will teach myself! I am definitely using this post as inspiration! Great job.

  9. An awesome refashion, T'onna!!! I love how you were still abel to use the crocheting. It really makes the dress.

  10. HI!

    This really is an incredible refashion and we are impressed! So congrats, we've featured your refashion on Simply BeBetsy Friday Features #5.

    The very best to you,
    Sharon and Denise

  11. Beautiful! Looks like a one-of-a-kind, designer/couture-wear.