Sunday, September 29, 2013

Submarine Sunday #51

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Welcome to this week's Submarine Sunday! Thank you to everyone who linked up last week!  Last week was extremely busy for us.  I finally had my hip surgery on Wednesday.  The doctor removed the bone tumor from my left femoral neck, did some bone grafting, and added a metal plate. I was released from the Mayo Clinic Hospital on Thursday. Oh, on top of having surgery, we're in the middle of a move!  We're moving from one apartment to another. My husband now has everything moved from our old place to our new place, and he cleaned the old place all by himself.  My mother is here for a week to help us with Krissy and to help unpack and setup our new apartment. I really appreciate her help and enjoy having her around. Since I have all this going on, I didn't craft last week.  Today, I took the time to glue the marbles and wooden shapes back onto my lamps and wreaths that had fallen off during the moving process.  I also plan on starting a crochet hooded scarf.  Anyhoo... Enough about me... It's party time!

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Halloween Owl Pillow

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  1. T'onna, so glad to hear that things are finally coming together for you and that you on the road to mending... Pray everything continues on the upward swing now and all goes well with your recovery... thanks for hosting have a great Sunday... Cathy

  2. Glad your doing well after your surgery. Love your owl:) Hope your move is smooth!

  3. I am in love with that little owl pillow. So cute!

  4. Hi and wow you have so much going on right now! I do hope you feel better and good luck with the unpacking and settling into your new apartment! Thank you for still doing the party with all this going on in your life right now. Feel better.
    Julie from

  5. Hi T'onna! Yes, "Mommy" is needed lots of times!! Feel better soon. Your owl is just too cute! thanks for the party!

  6. Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery. Accept all the help that is offered...... :)

  7. Hi, I've linked up after your lovely comment on my project, hope that's ok. I'll be sure to visit again. You just make sure you are not overdoing it - seriously, if you don't rest properly you wont heal properly (bossy mum moment over!) Take care.