Friday, February 22, 2013

Granny Square Blankets

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I'm currently working on a granny square blanket for my hubby who requested that I make him a dark brown and light brown blanket that is big enough to cover all 6 feet and 4 inches of him.  So I've decided that I'm going to crochet a bunch of granny squares and then sew them together to form the blanket.  I'm using Red Heart's buff, coffee, cafe' latte, and Aruba sea yarn. I've got a long way to go!  I made a similar blanket for my daughter to match the theme of her nursery. For Krissy's blanket, I used Caron's Simply Soft's soft pink, pistachio, chocolate, and bone.  I also made a ladybug applique for her blanket. I think I'll make a submarine for my hubby's blanket since he's a subby.

Here's my progress so far on my husband's blanket:

Here's my daughter's blanket:

Ladybug Granny Square Blanket

my darling daughter sound asleep

It kinda looks like a ladybug, right?  lol


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  1. I love your blocks and your finished blanket is adorable. I love the picture of your daughter snuggled in it!

  2. YOur daughter is precious!! There is nothing like little girls!!

    I love the blanket!! I would love to make one. The only pattern I know is the zig zag. Well, Chevron. It would work as a Chevron.

    Take care,

  3. Lovely blankets. your daughter looks so tiny! Yes I do think that it looks like a lady bug. xx

  4. It's absolutely a ladybug! Lovely blankets x

  5. He is going to LOVE that! I love the colors you picked out. Your sweet baby girl just brings me to tears...what a special little gift! :)

  6. I love this color combination - so pretty!

  7. Oh my, your little one looks so cute and cuddly in that adorable blanket!
    Thanks for linking up to our Crafty Thursday Obsessions party, hope to see you back this week :)

  8. Lovely man colours It's going to be lovely :)


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