Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anthro Inspired Scarf

Posted by T'onna Peters | Saturday, February 16, 2013 Categories: , , , ,
At one of my link parties, Jennifer at twobutterflies linked her own version of the Anthropologie Crochet Splice Loop Scarf.  It was cute, and I knew that eventually, I'd like to try to make one as well.  So I finally got around to making one. I created this scarf for a friend's daughter.  She turned 16 yesterday, and I wanted to give her something awesome.  Both she and her mom like it.  I showed a picture of the scarf to my mom, and now she wants one.  Right now I'm working on one for me, and I'm making it a little bit differently. I hope it comes out just as well.  Anyhoo, here's my version of the Anthropologie crochet splice loop scarf:

I plan on making many more of these, using different fabrics and different yarn.  I can't wait to make them and share them with you all here on my blog. :-)

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