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  • Crochet Frozen Easter Basket

    So Easter is TOMORROW, and last night I finally finished my daughter's Easter basket for all her new Frozen goodies. Last week, I sewed a basket for her using Frozen fabric, and she used that basket for the Easter egg hunt we attended last week, which was so much fun, and she made a new friend...

  • Frozen Easter Basket

    Yesterday, we participated in an Easter egg hunt on base. This was Krissy's first time hunting for eggs, and she had a blast. For the event, I sewed a fabric Easter basket for her to collect her eggs. I made this fabric "basket" using the same tutorial at PS I Quilt that I used to make my daughter's Halloween Trick or Treat Tote...

  • Easter Bunny Wreath

    I was inspired by Rock-A-Bye Parents' DIY Easter Bunny Wall Hanging and decided to make my own. Earlier this week, my daughter and I went shopping at the Dollar Tree to pick up a few straw hats. My daughter fell in love with the lavender hat I bought, and she's been wearing it around the house and when we go on errands...

  • Brown Granny Square Pillow

    I finally finished my second granny square pillow, and my daughter is very happy with it. When I finished it she said, "It's pretty Mommy! I love all the colors. So cute!" And then she took it and put it on the futon in the playroom...

  • Ahoy Matey Nautical Nursery

    I believe that I am done decorating my son's nursery. Yay! His nursery has a nautical theme, of course! And I made a few pieces to add my own personal touches to this special room. I fell in love with the Ahoy Matey collection by Michael Miller. so I ordered a bunch of the fabrics and used them to create the diaper stacker, curtains, crib skirt, crib blanket, and Patches the Pirate Puppy...

  • Crochet Granny Square Pillow

    I'm in the process of crocheting throw pillows to jazz up the futon in the kids' playroom and for my bedroom. This is the first pillow I've finished, and I'm very pleased with it. I used the join as you go method to join all the granny squares, and this was my first time using that method, and I am very pleased...

Friday, April 17, 2015

WIP: Slippers

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Shhhh... Don't tell my mom, but I'm currently working on a pair of crochet house slippers for her for Mother's Day. She mentioned on the phone the other day that she wants some new house slippers, so I thought I'd make her some. I think I'll make her two pairs. I've had a book with 10 crochet slipper patterns, but I've never used the book until now. I tend to buy crochet books and never use them, but I'm going to start. I have so much yarn that needs to be used up, but guess what... I keep buying more! In fact, while the hubster was at work, the kids and I went to Joanns fabric store for yarn and pillow forms (they were on sale, so I bought three even thought I still have about three or four pillow forms that I haven't used yet.) Anyhoo, so here's my progress so far:

The Blurb Story

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Like many great companies before it, Blurb was actually started by accident. In the early 2000s, Eileen Gittins, Blurbs' Founder, rekindled a passion for photography while trying to figure out her next career gig.

She wanted to compile her photos into a nice coffee table photo book, but she only wanted to print a handful of copies. The conundrum was that every publisher was quoting her hundreds of dollars for each book! She found this curious – and frustrating. So she asked herself, are there other people like me who want to affordably create their own high-quality book from their photos? The answer, of course, was yes, and it changed her life – and book publishing – forever.

In 2006, Eileen launched Blurb, a simple book-designing platform and a publishing process that could quickly produce beautifully made books at game-changing price.

Everyone from award-winning photographers, to couples wanting to commemorate the birth of their child started using Blurb – and they continue to do so today. Even after almost a decade, people are still blown away by Blurb’s user-friendliness, quality, and affordability. People trust Blurb to create every kind of book imaginable, including:
Blurb doesn’t just help people make books and magazines, they also help market them by providing publishers with their own dedicated sales page. Blurb’s dedicated sales pages allows authors to:
  • Make their book or magazine available to the public or by invitation-only
  • Write a compelling book description
  • Customize a preview of their book
  • Share their book with others on social media
Blurb also created their publishing platform to work seamlessly with Amazon and Apple iBooks Store so authors would have even more options for how they sell their books.

There are so many remarkable things to share about Blurb – too much for just one post! So keep an eye out for next week’s post because I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Blurb tools and tips -- which, if you’re like me, will leave you thinking … “I didn’t know Blurb could do all that!”

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that now through 4/28 you can get 20% off any book you create! Can’t wait to see what kind of book you create!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday To Do List

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I've been quite busy lately, and I haven't been able to get around to my craft projects. Over the weekend, I hosted a playdate at our house for the first time. The girls really had a great time, and I did as well. I made Zuppa Toscana and salad for lunch, and I'm so glad the mom liked it. I worry about cooking for people. Speaking of cooking, I cooked around 8:30 this evening, so my husband would have something to take for lunch at work tomorrow. I did altered my meal plan for the week. On my plan, I was supposed to make chicken, cabbage, and red beans & rice today, but instead I made beef burritos, Spanish rice, and corn.  I'll make that other meal next time. Anyhoo, I'm so busy being mommy and wifey that I don't have as much me time/crafting time. But I'm going to change that. I have quite the list of projects...

  1. Mother's Day Mug Rugs: My mother loves drinking coffee and tea, so I want to make her another set of mug rugs. I made her a set of Mickey Mouse Mug Rugs last year, and she really liked them. I have some blue Mickey Mouse fabric that I want to use to make her another set.
  2. Mother's Day Slippers: My mother mentioned that she needs a new pair of house slippers, so that gave me the idea that I could make her a pair! I bought a crochet book full of patterns to make slippers, but I've never made it.  I think it's about time I use that book!
  3. Bed Canopy: I want to make a canopy for my daughter's room. I've seen a few really cute ones on Pinterest, so I want to give it a try. I want it to make her room's Frozen theme, but I also want it to fit her room even when she no longer likes Elsa, Anna, and them...
  4. Crochet & Sew Pillows: So far, I've made three pillows for the futon in the playroom, and none for my bed. I think it's so pretty when people have a ton of beautiful pillows on their bed. I think I want to make about three, and I'd be happy. And I think I should make about three more pillows to jazz up the futon in the playroom.
  5. Paint the Vanity (Again): I have a vanity that used to be in my room at our old house(s), but now there's no where to put it, so it's in my daughter's room. Currently, it's glossy black with aluminum drawers. I want to paint it to match her Frozen Inspired Dresser, which is black (chalkboard paint), glittery pink, glittery purple, and glittery blue.
I think these are enough projects for now. I also have a few extra things I'd like to do to my son's nursery. I think it needs a wall full of wooden fish. Whenever I see fish wall decor, I buy it! And my daughter has a big wall with only a Frozen poster on it, and I think it should be covered in snowflakes, so eventually I'll finish their rooms, but they're good for now.

So what's on your to do list?

Check Your Grammar with Grammarly

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The #1 Writing ToolIf you read my About Me page, you'll discover that before I became a mommy, I was an educator. In college, I majored in English and Education, and I planned on teaching high school English. I worked as a substitute teacher for a year before having my daughter. I discovered that high school may not be for me; I prefer junior high. Although I'm taking a break from being an English teacher to dedicate myself to raising my two precious little ones, I may return to work as an English teacher in a few years. And when I do... I will grade papers like the grammar police! My students better know the difference between their, they're, and there. My students better not use to, two, and too incorrectly. We will really have problems if they confuse your and you're! However, there is help for these young writers. Grammarly is a powerful grammar checker that improves writing by correcting grammatical mistakes and catching poor vocabulary usage and contextual spelling errors. Grammarly scans text for proper usage of more than 250 advanced grammar rules. 250? Who knew there were so many grammar rules?! Grammarly will also check for erroneous use of commonly confused words like lose/loose, affect/effect, lie/lay, there/their/they're (my pet peeve). Grammarly also enhances writing with word chose suggestions that instantly improve readability and meaning and won't cause your writing to fall flat. So if you or someone you love is in high school, college, or in a profession that requires a lot of writing, tell them about Grammarly!

The #1 Writing Tool

Monday, April 13, 2015

Meal Planning Monday

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*The lunches are what I feed my daughter. I usually nibble on salad, soup, oatmeal, or just have a 2nd cup of coffee for lunch.
Here's my meal plan for this week. The meatloaf I made today was very delicious, even though I forgot to add the onions! I didn't make a meal plan last week, but my favorite meal was when my husband grilled burgers and wings. I made coleslaw using a kit that already had the cabbage chopped up and it included the coleslaw dressing! It tasted just like KFC's coleslaw, which is my fave. And we had baked beans because you can't have BBQ without baked beans!

So what are YOU cooking this week?

40% off NHL Products

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These playoff deals end Wednesday, April 15th so get NHL apparel, shoes, and accessories for 40% off while you can!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Crochet Frozen Easter Basket

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So Easter is TOMORROW, and last night I finally finished my daughter's Easter basket for all her new Frozen goodies. Last week, I sewed a basket for her using Frozen fabric, and she used that basket for the Easter egg hunt we attended last week, which was so much fun, and she made a new friend.  Thursday we had a playdate at her new friend's house, and her mom put together another egg hunt, which was super fun! She had a bubble machine, so the bubbles floated through the air while the kids ran around the yard scooping up the eggs. Anyhoo... Here's Krissy's Frozen basket...